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The Bio

What sets Eagle Apiaries' products and services apart from the rest?

For starters,each product is backed with pride and hours of hard work. Each purchase helps strengthen the ecosystem as well as the economy! You'd be shocked how much money beekeepers spend. Maybe I'll go over that in a blog.

I developed the passion for this life,through a part time job in highschool. Unfortunately I didn't stick with it and ended up working an entirely different job for 8 years. I'm back now and stronger now than I could've ever dreamed as a teenager. I've been blessed with amazing customers through the years, not to mention a decent head for beekeeping. 

My goal is to bring the best products to everyone's home, just the way nature intended. 

Currently I have two varieties of Pure and Raw Honey available. If Beeswax candles are your thing, or even if you want to try your hand at making your own candles or wax products, I can accommodate most orders on that too.

I do have a hive rental program available also. Those are best suited for for people who want bees but don't have the experience to manage them.

Browse around and see what you might like to try.


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